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Whosoever says truffle, utters a grand word, which awakens erotic and gastronomic ideas…


Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin,
preface to « The Physiology of taste » (1825)

The staff

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Thierry Bezeux, founder and owner of l’Or des valois, welcomes you to his shop to share with you his passion of the Burgundy Truffle, the Terroir and of fine French Cuisine. His wise words : let nature offer you the best ! Thierry will give you great tips on how best to cook with Truffles and how to make some fine recipes.


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Yann Bezeux Thierry’s son Yann is an excellent Truffle hunter who knows the best places to find Burgundy Truffles. Thanks to his hand on experience, the local woods are no longer a mystery to him. If you need to know more about the fine delicacy, Yann is your man ! The delicious Burgundy Truffle chocolate that we use as toping for profiteroles is his invention…




Last but not least the most important team members have to be Julio and Elfe : Elfe and Julio, are two lovely Lagotto Romagnolo (Italian breed) who share their owner’s passion. Their goal is to hunt to find the precious Burgundy Truffle


L’or des Valois in few words

L'Or des Valois - Truffes et chateau

The Château d’Entre-Deux-Monts

It is in the ideal location of Hautes-Côtes de Nuits near to town of Nuits-Saint-Georges where the beautiful and charming château lies.

The Postansque family have occupied the château for over years. The father of the owner of the château began the Trufflle plantation (pine, oak, hazelnut trees,…) deep below his estate around 20 years ago. Thierry then started using the Truffle plantation to hunt after the Truffle mushroom. The shop of l’Or des Valois can be found inside the château.

The shop

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Truffe de Bourgogne - Produits dérivésTruffe de Bourgogne - MagasinTruffe de Bourgogne - Vente de truffes fraiches


Amongst the Truffle based products that can purchased, one of the flagship products of l’Or des Valois is the Ratatruffe, a liquor made from Ratafia (distilled marc and grape juice) and Truffle. This product can be tasted on its own or with Cremant (although Thierry like to add it to a glass of beer). Some chefs also use it in their dishes, especially for glazing foie gras. The Truffillé, wich is parsley ham with Truffles, is a recipe created in 2013, the Truffle mustard recipe came from about a year before. Other local Truffle related products (terrine, rillette, sausage,…) are all created by Thierry and local producers, and are available in the boutique.


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What can I expect when I come and visit you?


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Truffes - Démonstration de cavage


  • Truffle hunting with our dogs
  • Fresh truffles in season
  • Truffle based products tasting
  • Truffle based products shop
  • Truffle and wines tasting
  • Lunch « Tout à la Truffe » from the aperitif to the dessert




The story behind L’Or des Valois

Courtesy of Thierry Bezeux

So,Thierry you were courageous enough to create a boutique dedicated to Truffles, what made you come up with this original idea ?

The creation of l’Or des valois, a company that is in general dedicated to Truffle and in particular the Burgundy Truffle, came about in hand with my professionnal reconversion (as I left the idustry world). I wanted to take a step back and turn towards nature and to the Burgundy Terroir. I chose to work with Truffles as they are an established delicacy but still remain relatively unknonwn. My goal was to make Truffles a delicacy that anyone could discover.

When did this adventure begin ?

It all began in 2003. Its already been over 10 years that the company has been on its path to success.

How did you experience the first years following the creation of the company ?

For the first five years I was starting out. So as to get known I participated in different product fairs and local markets in order to sell fresh in season Truffles and all other Truffle related products. It wasn’t easy, but it was really worth it looking back when I see today’s result. I’m really proud.

Why did you choose the château d’Entre-Deux-Monts to locate the company ? It’s a beautiful location but seems so far from everything…

I learnt that the owner of the château, that is registred on the historical monuments register, had a truffle plantation. Its idyllic location being in the Hautes-Côtes de Nuits and very close to the « Route Touristique des Grands Crus » inspired me to create a new business that could allow the discovery of local heritage and architecture and the natural delicacy of Truffle simultaneously. I met with the owner, M. Postansque, with whom I shared my vision and he immediatly accepted to participate in the
project. We were able to put in place our business « Truffes and Château » within no time and the activity rather rapidly spurred the interest of our clients.

So, what’s next for l’Or des Valois ?

The more time goes by, the more well known our activity is becoming. Word of mouth works wonders with our clintele, both local and international, as client numbers are constantly increasing. Whatsmore our objective towards our clients, that is to retain their loyalty, is very dear to us especially locally as we share the same territory.
Our current business goal is to extend our range of derived products related to Burgundy Truffle. Furthermore, we are in the midst of reorganising and optimising our working environment so that we can welcome our clients in improved conditions.
We recently reinforced our team and we are hoping to continue on a progressive track so as to contribute to and be actors in the success of our local territory.


[/span9][span3]Tourisme - Accueil de groupes sur le thème de la truffeTourisme - Repas tout truffeTruffes - Produits régionaux



Welcome to “la Boutique de la Truffe” in Dijon, the unique City of Gastronomy !!!

The shop is located in the historic center of the town, in an old Middle-Age house where a craftman clothier lived. Come in and discover a prestigious product : the Truffle.
Here you can find professionnal staff at your service, the largest range of Truffle related products in the region (oil, charcuteries, cheeses, butter, cream, sauces, liquors,….), free tasting and function room available on request.
We have a beautiful and modern cellar where you can organize meeting, events, tasting

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L’Or des Valois is also involved…

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Holder of the « Vignoble et Découvertes » label

The label is very important to us as it reassures tourists of the high quality and friendly service that they will receive. Furthermore we are situated in the Hautes-Côtes de Nuits and wines from this area, known for their light and fruity texture, deserve to be better known by wine lovers. We strive to protect our environment and our terroir in order to provide the best products to our customers. Wine and Truffle go hand in hand. We propose a great list of wines and even organise wine tastings for our clients.


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The château d’Entre-DeuxMonts

is an old mansion surrounded by fields and woodland. It was constructed in 17th century. The Postanque family inhabit the château. Beautiful natural hiking trails can be enjoyed around the estate. If you are a group of over 10 people you can book a visit with the owner.


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Visitors can give their opinion

on Trip Advisor. Very kind opinions are what motivates us to continue and to do better for our clients. If you want to check out our clients opinion follow the link below


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Beautiful country landscape

that surrounds the château (vineyards, fields, woodlan) can be enjoyed from our terrace with a glass of wine in one hand and a delicassy from our shop in the other. Everything is in order to make sure you can sit back, have a good time and enjoy.



Contacts and opening times

L’Or des Valois :

Château d’Entre-Deux-Monts Hameau de Concoeur Corboin – 21700 NUITS-SAINT-GEORGES

Tel :


Tous les jours sauf mardis et mercredis , de 10h00 à 17h00, de Mars à Décembre


La Boutique de la Truffe :

5 rue Chaudronnerie – 21000 Dijon

Tel :


Tous les jours sauf dimanches et lundis , de 10h00 à 19h00, de Janvier à Décembre


La Maison aux Mille Truffes et Champignons

21700 Marey les Fussey

Tel : 03 80 30 08 91
Tous les jours sauf lundis et mardis , de 10h00 à 17h00, de Mars à Décembre