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» Which products to choose for a simple and delicious truffle dish

Which products to choose for a simple and delicious truffle dish

Discover Deliciously Simple Truffle Dishes

You don’t need to be a michellin star chef to make delicious meals with truffle. La Boutique de La Truffe in Dijon offers a selection of high quality, convenient Italian truffle products that make cooking with truffle simple and quick.

The Base : Strangozzi Pasta with Summer Truffle

Throughout this article, we recommend you to always use the Strangozzi as a starting point for a simple truffle recipe. If you have never tasted truffle, do not fear ! You will love it !

Simply open the packet, add the pasta to a pot of boiling water on the stove, and leave it to cook for 9 minutes before straining and serving with the sauce of your choice…


Strangozzi à la truffe prêtes à cuire


un plat simple à la truffe

To Compliment : Our Truffle Sauces

To add flavour and variety to your pasta dish, we offer four delicious choices for sauce :


- Truffle pesto with Summer truffle,  basil, olive oil, and pinenuts

- Truffle Pomodoro, made with Summer truffles and tomatoes

- Truffle Sauce, a fragrant blend of summer truffles and Paris mushrooms

- Truffle Parmesan Cream ; a creamy mix of white truffle and parmesan cheese


These four sauces each cost between  6,50€ and 7,50€ per unit. For an optimal taste and experience, we recommend you to warm them sauces before serving, either in a separate pot on the stove or directly with the Strangozzi after cooking and straining.


You can find all the products mentioned here individually, or as part of our easy truffle dish kits, both in our Dijon boutique or online store.