We invite you to share our passion for TRUFFLE,  that is the marvelous and the most aromatic type of mushroom.

Numerous mysteries surround the havest and the cultivation of  TRUFFLES, as everything about it is far from completely understood.

We are delighted to offer you to take a part in a little forest adventure accompanied with a dog and one of the harvester  to hunter TRUFFLE.

«L’or des Valois» is proud to be truffle producing and marketing craft gastronomic articles . Our activities related to a symbolic and outstanding  product of Burgundy, famous as well as local Grand Wine, Charolais beef, Chees, Snail, Bresse poultry which are the emblems of Burgundian Gastronomy.
Surrounding the Splendid Castle building and courtyard our atelier and workshop (at once)  is located in one of the annexes just close to an English-style  castle garden. The smooth surface of the pond reflects the beautiful image of ancien  Duke’s castle and completes  a charm picture of this enchanting spot.

Under the guidance of  Thierry and his son Yann, both are experts of truffle, and, of course, the main hero in harvest process – their friend dog  Elfe ,  you will discover fascinating and savour world of  Black Burgundy treasure.

Our offer consists :

– Demonstration of hunting (harvest) minimum 45 minutes till 1,5 hour ….10€ /per

–  Tasting craft products based on truffle  ……18 € /per

–       Exclusive truffle menu for lunch 51 € /person (wine is not include)

All reservation is well recommended.

Tel  +33 623 130 946

E-mail :
Our friendly meals are served in guests’ room as well as  on the sunny terrace which opens towards the pond in the Castle’s garden. You enjoy to combine your gastronomy discovers with history and admiring  remarkable landscapes.

Should you have any questions or comments feel free visiting us on our CONTACT  page.
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On a nice day You feel like going out, welcome to our  TRUFFLE farm  which is a charming spot annexed  to the castle. It is an ideal place  for a picnic party. There are many amazing picnic spots in all the beautiful vineyards that surround our farm.

We offer You to have the luxury of being all around  picturesque landscape and be a little more adventurous in Your tasty discovering voyage in Burgundy.

Picnic hamper is a bit special on our farm since every item  featured truffles and  the appropriate wines to accompany it. A great food for picnic is a terrine. There are 3 kinds: Terrines of Rabbit, Guinea Fowl, and Chicken (all with Truffe de Bourgogne), accompany with a fresh salade and some  crusty bread. To finish it all, go for a delious and fine cheese Epoisse and a freshly made jar  jam or fresh raspberries. Just to make sure to pack your picnic blanket, wine glasses and You are set.

However, if You have something bigger in mind or You  can’t be bothered to prepare anything, just get in touch with « L’Or des Valois » a day before and we can handle all Your picnic hamper needs for You.

OUR  TRUFFLE-themed  HAMPER is to be chosen or tailor-made together on the farm.

Some models to have unforgettible and fabilous  meal – all our products include  Burgundy truffle.

 – Hamper for 2 persons at the price of 40 euros

1can  (180 g) on your choice (guinea fowl, rabbit or poultry)

a homemade sausage

sauce (180g) (paris mushrooms, truffles, olive oil and sunflower oil)

parmesan cream (80g)

Hamper for 2 persons at the price of 60 euros

1 can  (180g) sizes (guinea fowl, rabbit or poultry)

– a homemade sausage

– sauce (180g) (paris mushrooms, truffles, olive oil and sunflower oil)

– cheese “Epoisse” – crafts and local produce

– dessert “Nonet” – bread stuffed with spice of this region

– a bottle of Burgundy  wine 0.75 L

Hamper for 4 persons at a price of 80 euros

– 2 cans  (2×180 g) on your choice (guinea fowl, rabbit or poultry

– 2 homemade sausages

– sauce (180 g) (paris mushrooms, truffles, olive oil and sunflower oil)

– a bottle of olive oil with truffle (55 ml)

-a bottle of regional wine 0.75 L

– Ratatruffe the 200 ml (16 degrees liquor)

Hamper  for 4 persons at a price of 100 euros

– 2 terrines (2x180g) choice (guinea fowl, rabbit or poultry)

– 2 artisanal sausage

– sauce (180 g) (paris mushrooms, truffles, olive oil and sunflower oil)

– a bottle of olive oil with truffle (55 ml)

– parmesan cream (80g)

– cheese “Epoisse” – crafts and local produce

– dessert “Nonet” – bread stuffed with  spice region

– a bottle of regional wine 0.75 L

– Ratatruffe the 200 ml (16 degrees liquor)

Switch from classical restaurants to our picnic !



We wish you a warm welcome to our Boutique/ Workshop of Truffle Speciality foods which is  located in the heart of the prestigous vineyards of  Burgundy Hameau de Concoeur et Corboin, within a distance of 5 min of driving  from glorious  Nuits Saint Georges and Vosne-Romanée.
There is a wide range of the delicatessen items. Our gourmet selection of products  will present You our brand «L’Or des Valois» and another one came from our  partnership with Italian and French  craftproducer of  Truffle Flavored Olive Oil and other products focused on Truffle.

We market our products of premium selection to a large audience here in our lovely boutique, as well as  in this region – fine grocery (épiceries), gastronomique restaurants, hotels and on our site online.
As Truffle experts, we  tell you everything about this Black treasure of Burgundy,  share with you our cooking experience and,  of course,  offer you to taste crafted products on your choice.

Being very close to our customers we are inspired to demonstrate the havest Black truffles. As you know, due to their concealment,  Truffles cannot be collected like mushrooms but have to be hunted, much like trying to find buried treasure. Therefore you have a unique occasion to partake of the mystery surrounding it from  Burgundy’s  forest to our «L’Or des Valois»table bounty.

Know more about this touristique  offer ,  thank you  to follow   Truffle and Touristique offers

Address :

For getting us the route will offer you to discover another side of the famous hills (Cote d’Or), have a look at vineyards of AOC Hautes Côtes de Nuits and admire the pictoresque Burgundy’s company mixed of vineyards, gardens and pasturages passing through some piece of forest.

Thanks a lot for your interest to our natural treasure.


About the Castle  Château d’Entre Deux Monts

In the 13th-century this castle first served as a barn, i.e. a farmhouse, for the dukes of Burgundy. Its arched pediment and harp-shaped decorated façade of the main building from the 16th-century are representative of the Louis XIII style. Galleries link it up to two earlier square towers. In the 18th-century the castle was extended and modernised before being thoroughly restored in 1975.