Truffle Iced Nougat


50 grammes d'amandes
50 grammes de sucre
35 cl de crème
3 blancs d'œufs
175 grammes de miel
25 grammes de truffes conservées à l'alcool

1. Mix together the truffles and cream to allow the flavours to infuse. Cover and set aside

2. Caramelise the almonds by toasting them whole in the sugar on the stove  

3. Once the almonds have caramelised, pour them onto a lightly greased baking tray and let cool. Stir when cold

4. Heat the truffle honey. 

5. Whisk the truffle honey into the egg whites until they are completely airy 

6. Whip the truffle infused cream until airy and light. Gently add in the whisked egg and honey mixture, then add the candied almonds

7. Place your mixture in a mold and refrigerate for 24 hours before serving 

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