Recipe Truffle Risotto



For 4 people

  • 80g of rice per person

  • Approximately 50g of Fresh Truffle​

  • Parmesan cheese​

  • 1 cup of dry white wine​

  • Beurre truffé (voir recettes de base)

  • Light bouillon (echalote + truffle butter + chicken stock)

  • Échalote

  • Olive oil or Truffle olive oil(black or white truffle, depending on your preference)

1. Finely mince one echalote and sauté in the olive oil until translucent

2. Add the rice and sauté over medium heat, stirring to ensure the grains are evenly coated in the oil

3. Once rice is translucent, add the white wine, stirring until it is evaporated

4. Slowly add in one third to one half of your buillon, bringing it to a simmer. Continue to mix the risotto to ensure the liquid and flavours are absorbed evenly, adding more of the bouillon spoon by spoon, slowly

5. Once risotto is almost ready to serve, add in the 40g of truffle butter to make your risotto creamy, thick, and well perfumed with truffle

6. Serve with a generous pinch of parmesan cheese and sprinkle fresh truffle on top

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