Creamy Truffle Sauce


For 6 people


  1. ​Prepare the meat and vegetables you wish to serve with the sauce separately

  2. À feu doux-moyen, faire fondre le beurre et y verser la farine

  3. Ajouter la crème pour créer la sauce. Continuez de la melanger afin d'éviter les grumeaux et assurer une consistance homogène
  4. Incorporer progressivement le bouillon de volaille, l'alcool et les truffes

  5. ​Heat the sauce just in time to serve the meal and drizzle it generously into your dish. 

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L'Or des Valois is a family business deeply connected to the terroir that makes the Burgundy region so special. Showcasing all the possibilties of the truffle and the forms it can take on, our passion is to help more and more people discover and appreciate truffle. 

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