Our Truffle Recipes

​Whether they be from Burgundy, Alba, or Périgord, a fresh truffle can elevate any dish into a gastronomic experience…

Eager to share two decades worth of knowledge cultivating and cooking with these diamonds of the earth, we have prepared these recipes to help guide you through the preparation of our fresh truffles or truffles conserved in alcohol. Certain recipes, like the delicious crème sauce with truffles,  are on the menu at our expériences découverte in Marey Les Fussey. ​

Whether it be for an appetizer, a main course, or even dessert, you will be surprised how the truffle finds its place in every dish. ​

Our simple​ truffle butter recipe​ is the perfect touch to transform a simple potato dish into a festive side. Or, try adding truffle to your scrambled eggs​ à la truffe, alliez simplicité et gout unique !

For drinks with friends and easy snacking ideas, simply adding truffle to your ​ cream cheese​ and crackers can transform your entire cheese platter. ​

And to finish, why not dare to try something new with our famous truffle tiramisu recipe? ​

Searching for more advice or ideas? Don’t hesitate to write or call us or stop by ​ La Boutique de la Truffe in Dijon, or Maison aux Mille Truffes in Marey-les-Fussey, just next to Nuits-Saint-Georges and the Grand Cru route.

It is our passion to share our secrets and tips to help you realise your truffle dishes.

Our Signature Dishes​

Simple Dishes

Consult our​ guide for tips and choosing the best truffle to suit your taste and discover how to unleash the flavour of the truffle quickly and easily...

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